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Mail and packages that cannot be forwarded will be returned to sender. Forwarding of packages is at the discrepancy of the shipper and shipping agent. The University can return the package to be forwarded, but ultimately the shipper and shipping agent will determine whether the package is returned to sender or forwarded to the addressee. host mx02.t-online.de[] refused to talk to me: 554 IP=xx.xx.xx.xx - A problem occurred. (Ask your postmaster for help or to contact [email protected] to clarify.) (BL) At several forums I read that this problem without the (BL) appendix occurs if you sent 100+ messages a day and/or they were spam. They say, after 24 hour, this ... Bogus email address. This is the same as “incorrect email address”, but with intent. The recipient gave you an incorrect email address on purpose. Takeaway: You don’t usually have to worry about these ones. If someone doesn’t want to hear from you, don’t waste your time on trying to get their actual email address.